In Sports Recovery, a holistic understanding of the body and a full commitment to the journey is necessary to get to the next level. Any attempt at approaching sports injuries from a narrow perspective would hinder the patient’s progress and demotivates them.

At MAD Recovery Center, we handle Sports Recovery cases in phases. Training results are gradual and intensity is constantly adjusted to accommodate your body’s responsiveness. Furthermore, by utilising cutting-edge technologies, relying on fully personalised protocols, and building on statistics that reflect your level of adaptation to the daily routine, we are able to speed up your recovery process and help you find your way to a stronger you. 

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At MAD, we guide your steps on the path of wellness. Many of us believe that wellness is being healthy, feeling no aches, and suffering from no specific diseases. Yet, this understanding of wellness is incomplete to say the least, because most of us haven’t experienced what wellness truly feels like. Just think about it for a second: why is it that, although your regular doctor visits and lab work show that everything is normal,you still have sleep, focus, mood and energy difficulties? That’s because wellness transcends physical health, and can only be achieved by creating a harmonious balance between the mind, body and soul.

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We know for a fact that the human body can repair itself if guided properly. Through non-invasive and non-toxic protocols, we help your body recover from within by stimulating and boosting your immune system.  

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The power of the mind is unbound. However, the modern world we live in harbors many distractions, some of which expose us to silent health risks that we’re not fully aware of, including radio frequency radiations from our phones or microwaves. But that’s not the only thing that is ‘invisibly’ weighing us down. We succumb to the weight of peer pressure, social expectations, workplace competition and stressful situations that crowd our daily life, from being stuck in monster traffic jams to waiting in queues and paying hefty bills. This endless race to be high performers takes a physical toll on

us, and that’s where we step in to assist you in optimizing your mental capabilities and support your path of mental recovery and growth.

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Why Choose MAD

We are what never was.
With sound recovery principles along with combining modalities based on ancient & modern philosophies we are able to provide quick tailored solutions that are long lasting.  Our passion as a results driven organization has established us as industry market leaders.

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At Healing Chiropractic our chiropractic group is prepared to address with you to talk about your issues. We will outline a program that is appropriate for you. We anticipate meeting you.

How Can Recovery
Help You? By Achieving  
Homeostasis, True Health.

We face daily stressors everyday that put our bodies out of balance. Whether you are under immense emotional stress, pushing your body & mind to the limits, affected by the environment around you, or just haven't been feeling yourself lately. MAD is the place you need to be.
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